Moon Sound Light Bath

An installation and performance created while I was artist in residence at Struts Gallery in Sackville New Brunswick, this work is a multi-speaker sound installation for bathing. It is made up of multiple loudspeakers set up around a bathtub with a live sound composition created for listening to while in the tub, a liquid light projection, and a ceremony that each participant was invited to follow. The installation is multi-sensory, durational and ritualistic and can only be fully experienced by one or two people at a time. I took appointments for evening baths starting on the July New Moon until the August Full Moon. A had seven appointments with eleven participants, the majority decided to experience the piece bathing with the tub filled with water. This was not mandatory however, it was up to each person to decide how they wanted to engage. Creating a comfortable environment for participants was important. The bath was in a closed off part of the gallery and completely private. Baths were scheduled after gallery hours and bathers had the space and time completely to themselves. Upon arrival to the gallery, I greeted each person and we chatted while I filled the tub using buckets. When the bath was ready, the bather and I went into the room and I outlined the performance: I was going to be in the other room creating a sound composition and light projection, that would take about 30-45 minutes; the bather was invited to take as long as they wish and engage with the installation as they desired. I had two rituals that invited the bathers to try. The first was a mediation on the moon cycle and the current moon phase and how to align ones intentions. The second was an invitation to intentionally bathe and be conscious of energy flowing. I provided soaps, oils, and different scents for people to use. The appointments took between 45 minutes to an hour and half. After about 45 minutes I reduced the sound to a drone and waited for the bathers to emerge. Some chose to discuss their experience in-depth, others continued on with their evenings. Experiences ranged from fun, relaxing and uplifting to emotionally challenging and cathartic.

Moon Sound Light Bath video on Vimeo

Moon Sound Light Bath. Bathtub, loudspeakers, audio equipment, light projection, other objects, water, size variable, performance duration variable, 2017.