past work

Compositions for Tape and CDlooped audio, various audio equipment, dimensions variable, 2012

This installation consists of two sound sculptures that were built in the gallery space from a selection of speakers, CD players, amplifiers, tape players and other audio equipment. In addition to the audio devices, particleboard boxes (the same material used in speaker cabinets) were constructed as supports that emphasize and reinforce the structure of the composition. Each piece of audio equipment is operational and contributing to the sound component of the work. Gallery visitors experience the sound differently as they move in the space. The basis for the sound composition are recordings of the audio equipment―tape player motors, reels spinning, CD player clicks and whines, the current humming through amps―these sounds are amplified and processed to emphasize the resonate frequencies of the room.

Sounds (Walden iPod)iPod and text, 10.3 x 6.2 x 1.05 cm, 2009

Sounds is an iPod that displays the text of “Sounds,” a chapter of Walden; or, Life in the Woods by Henry David Thoreau. The complete text of the chapter is broken up and entered into the title fields of 246 one minute long song tracks. As the tracks play on the iPod, the display screen scrolls continuously, allowing the viewer to read the chapter. There is no audible component. The iPod as a device is presented for reconsideration with regard to the tensions between analog and digital technologies, sounds and silence.

Sometime: Noon, March 6th-27th 2005, Halifax NS. audio recording on cassette tape, 46 min 52 sec, 2005

Sometime is the result of a process of collecting sound everyday in the city of Halifax between the dates of March 6th – 25th 2005. Three to five minutes of recording were made daily at around noon using a portable cassette player. This time was chosen because of the prevalence of the Halifax Noon Day Gun, a cannon that has been fired daily since 1749 to mark the noon hour. The process involved stopping whatever activity, listening and recording. The cassette player used was chosen for its low-fidelity, tape-hiss sound, which is consistent throughout the recordings. Sometime is in a sense an audio-portrait of both Halifax and myself. However, because of the my failure to strictly follow the set process and due to the poor quality of the recording, the resulting piece sounds more like an ambiguous representation of time.

The Pink Glass Swans collaboration (2002-2004)

The Pink Glass Swans was a noise band founded in Halifax by D’Andrea and Nick Santos-Pedro. The group at times had up to ten members, and focused on free improvisation, collaborative sound making and experimental composition. Recordings were made using low tech and ad hoc equipment. D’Andrea recorded, produced and performed on all recordings. Select recordings are available online: