Sanctuary Soundsystem

Created at Casino Artspace, an immersive multi sensory sound and light environment with a multi-channeled surround sound audio system made up of vintage loudspeakers, a quadrophonic tape deck and a laptop. The sound and light was performed live in front of a small group. The inaugural performance was held on the Friday before Palm Sunday, or “The Friday of Sorrows”. The audience was invited to bring a personal symbolic item to place on the altar that represents loss, joy and transition. The light projection was created using an overhead projector and coloured liquids. The images here also show the red light effect created by the fabric draped in front of the windows. Incense candles and flowers further added to the sensual experience. The audio above is a short sample of some parts of the performance. Most of the sound was held for long sustained drones.

Sanctuary Soundsystem. Vintage speakers, quadrophonic tape deck, audio equipment, light projection, other objects, size variable, performance duration variable, 2017.

This project was generously supported by the OAC